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Thank you for your interest in representing your organization at Blockchain for Impact (BFI) alongside scores of other industry leaders. BFI is committed to ensuring that the incredible potential of blockchain technology is delivered to the world in the same spirit of transparency, fairness, and equality in which it was originally conceived in order to achieve profoundly positive social benefit around the world.

Membership in BFI implies a commitment to apply this incredible technology for social good. We ask that you share with us your organization’s vision for a better world through your efforts.

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Membership in BFI is reserved for C-Level Executives only (CEO, Chairperson, President, Founder, Managing Director, Senior Partner, etc.) Each Membership extends benefits and access to BFI events to up to 3 representatives from your organization.

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Steering Committee members work collaboratively to frame content for BFI convenings, advocate for fair regulation and responsible industry governance, and curate BFI social impact initiatives. Your contribution of experience, wisdom and energy will shape the future of both blockchain and the welfare of humanity.

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