• Redefining Global Prosperity & Security through the New Language of Integrity

    Trust. Truth. Responsibility. Impact.

is a collaborative convening and advocacy platform for conscious leadership from all sectors
to explore, co-create and promote the application of blockchain technology
to initiatives with profound and positive social impact.


In the interest of developing a safe, fair and sustainable future for all,
in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,

Blockchain for Impact

envisions and encourages the development of radically creative
decentralized solutions to issues including:

conservation of natural resources • protection of the commons
empowerment of communities • financial inclusion and security
public health • civic trust
protection of the integrity of democratic systems


Blockchain for Impact

invites visionary industry stakeholders representing the full breadth of the blockchain ecosystem
into a robust, future-based, multi-track global conversation about social innovation,
fair and consistent public policy and responsible guidelines for industry governance.

Blockchain for Impact
Americas Summit
Spring 2018
United Nations, NYC

Blockchain for Impact
Mediterranean Summit
Summer 2018
Tel Aviv

Blockchain for Impact
Asia Summit
Fall 2018
Hong Kong

Blockchain for Impact
Africa Summit
Winter 2018